This Week's Generation Next at 10 p.m. is a rerun of Episode 22. Listen at 10, but here are some of my favorite picks from last week and reasons why I like each:

1. Amani +-Black Power Shuffle because she's such a figure in social injustice. I just love how hard she goes when a act that nobody is talking about she goes in on it. This is what Black Power Shuffle reflects in so many ways. This is the best way I can put it, even though there's all this chaos going on in the world we're not gonna get down in the dumps about we gonna stand up for what we believe in that's what the song is meant for.

2. TruthInRhyme-Victory His passion and remarkable presence in the local area is just incredible and his voice just gives you chills down your spine. This song victory basically says no matter how hard life gets you gotta keep moving and striding for a better purpose in life if you not where you want to be in your life go harder than the rest build with the ones that's been there since day one because everyday is a victory to be alive.

3. Precedence-Eyes Of The Youth This dude has some very good potential to be one of  not the best but a pretty dope MC in the game. What I like about this guy is he's spitting about how the youth views the world and that's what we need more of instead of always rapping about money women all the time rap about positive things because if you do that more people will listen to your music. I really think this guy could be one of the dopest MC's to come out of the 518.

4. Young Dreeze-God Flow this guy will stop at nothing to get his point across that is evident his metaphors are on-point for sure his flow is so different than the rest in that he not rapping about money and drugs and women he rapping bout how hard he's been grinding to get to where he's going and how far he can go when he gets his shot at it. This dude gets a chance he could be really one of the dopest MCs to ever Roc the mic.

5.SDot-Rewind love his sound he brings that old-school flavor that you want to hear. He's rapping about the times when it didn't matter what your skin looked like, when rhymes actually mattered, when it mattered how your lyrics had impact. Like his flow it's very bland but has lots of Hip-Hop flavor with it that old-school feel to it. This dude is so dope really hope he gets a shot.

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