Though Winter was mild (not complaining), I'm certain most Upstate New Yorkers remained inside like myself awaiting the warm weather. Well people, it's here. The temperatures are already reaching the 70's and it's time to get outside and enjoy it. Don't worry, I've got you covered.

1.) Swimming - What's better on a hot summer day than kicking it by a pool with some friends? Nothing -- that's what. Find a friend with a pool, grab your favorite cold beverage and overstay your welcome. Not a swimmer? Simply lounging by a pool is about the most relaxing thing you can do. But come on, at least sit on the edge with your feet in the water! The Capital District offers tons of public pools, so there is no excuse not to go even if none of your friends have pools!

2.) Go see a Concert -  This one might take a small amount of planning, but some of the best acts in music today are coming right to our backyard this summer! All genres from country, rock, rap, throwbacks -- anything you can think of, will be in the 518 at some point. SPAC alone has an amazing line up of artists and it's an outdoor venue! It's also a park where you can venture through a scenic area before the show begins. Whether you're a front row person, or prefer the comfort of your chair far from the stage, there is a show for everyone to enjoy.

Saratoga Performing Arts Center

3.) Go Hiking - Believe it or not, the Capital District has tons of hiking trails. I get it, this may be a little more physically draining, but it's worth it. The best part about hiking is that it's usually free. Unless there is a small park fee, all it takes is for you to slip on your most comfortable pair of shoes, and get walking. Check out this list of hike trails right around the corner! So many options to get out and enjoy a beautiful day and even get a workout in. Not about the hill climbing life? Understandable, it's not for everyone, but a simple stroll around your neighborhood can be just as relaxing. Throw in some headphones, step outside your house, and just walk somewhere.

4.) Outdoor Sports - Join a softball team, get a group of friends to play some outdoor basketball, or just grab a friend to toss a frisbee with. All you need here is an open area, and whatever sporting equipment is required. Once again, there are countless parks in the Albany area alone where you can gather some buds and go play some sports. Some of these parks even have public pools (see #1 activity) which would kill two birds with one stone.

5.) Host a cookout - You don't even need to go anywhere for this one. Fire up the grill, throw on some burgers and hot dogs and make some phone calls. People flock to barbecues, especially when the food is free. Pro tip: Bring a speaker outside and play some music to liven up the party. Don't have a grill? Look up your local town park. Most parks in the area have grills that you can rent out for the day to host a picnic/cookout. Just don't forget the food because the park won't supply any!

Juicy Burgers on the Grill

Well, there ya go. In case you haven't noticed, you can pair a lot of these outdoor activities together. If you're not into this list, just get outside and do anything... even if it just means sitting on your front lawn. So put the TV remote down, get off the couch, and go get some fresh air and sunlight!