People on Redd It are sharing things they can't do and a couple of things on this list I can't do and never have realized it until this moment.

These are all things you should learn how to do by the time your 10 but apparently, a lot of adults are embarrassed they can't do these simple things.

1. Swallowing pills.
2. Remembering directions.
3. Tying a balloon.
4. Confrontation.
5. Dancing.
6. Remembering people's names the second after they introduce themselves.
7. Whistling, especially with the two-finger method.
8. Shuffling a deck of cards.
9. Tying a tie.
10. Winking.

The three things on this list that I can't do are numbers 6, 7, and 8. 5 Is subjective, but I'm horrible at remembering peoples names, I meet so many people I forget their names immediately blame my mind and not my heart. I never mastered the two-fingered whistling method. Also, I've never been a card player so my shuffling skills are wack.

What things on this list are you ashamed you can't do?

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