If you’re not able to pay your rent, you are certainly not alone.  Americans all over the country are having a difficult time making ends meet, and eviction is a looming possibility if the government doesn’t act soon.  Today is the last day for struggling New Yorkers to submit applications for renters' assistance.

On July 14 Governor Cuomo announced New York’s emergency rental assistance program which would make direct payments to landlords for low-income New York residents.  He told us at that time that applications would only be accepted for a short period of time, and as of tonight, time is up.

Back in March, the federal government rolled out the CARES Act which provided additional income for citizens who were unemployed due to the COVID19 pandemic. In addition to increasing unemployment benefits, the program also prohibited landlords from evicting residents, but the program ends at the end of this month, which is tomorrow.

Governor Cuomo, says that the COVID-19 Rent Relief Program is not on a first come first serve basis. Income, rent burden, percent of income lost, and risk of homelessness are all factors that will be considered in selecting applicants.   Governor Cuomo said, “Since day one we made it clear that no New Yorkers should be thrown on the streets because of hardships caused by the pandemic.”

If you believe that you qualify for rental assistance, the deadline is here. Your application must be postmarked by today, July 30, or submitted online today.

If you need assistance completing the application, you can contact the Department of Homes and Community Renewal at (833)499–0318 until 7 p.m. tonight.  If you need help with your rent, or if you know someone who needs help with their rent, please pass this information on.

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