Of all the bad puns I came up with to begin this story, here's the one I'm unveiling to the public: survey says...Central New York!

Don't worry, I know it's pretty bad.

Clunky puns aside, the actual story here is a very fun one. Family Feud is one of the most popular game shows in America right now, and is in the middle of airing its 24th season in 2022. Steve Harvey has been the show's host since 2010, and has had a tenure that is now rivaling the tenure of Richard Dawson for the most prolific host in the show's history.

If you're inclined to tune into a new episode of the show next week, you'll see a few faces familiar to the Central New York area. Five faces, to be exact.

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Meet the O’Gorman Family of Oswego, NY, Who Will Be Playing "Family Feud"

A story published by New York Upstate on Tuesday, November 8th introduced us to the O'Gorman family, who live in Oswego, New York. The family will be appearing on a new episode of the game show Family Feud on Wednesday, November 16th, competing against another family for the $20,000 cash prize.

Competing on the episode will be the following five family members: Sean O’Gorman, his wife Jill O’Gorman, and their children Kyra O’Gorman, Hannah Clark, and Huck Fitzgerald.

Credit Kyra as the brains of the operation here, as she was the one to apply for her family to appear on the show. This happened back in 2021, and after sending an "audition" video to the show's producers, they were chosen to fly down to Atlanta, and film an episode of the show.

What's interesting here, is that we simply cannot know more about what happens next.

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Family Feud host Steve Harvey / Getty Images

Due to the nature of game shows like these, in which contestants can remain on the show for multiple episodes if they keep winning, the O'Gorman family was unable to tell New York Upstate whether they won or lost, or how much money they won while on the show.

So, in theory, they could've been eliminated during their first show. Or, they could've won five straight shows in a row, and taken home $100,000 in prize money along the way. There are endless options for how the O'Gorman family could've performed, which adds added excitement ahead of their debut episode next week.

If you want to follow along, new episodes of Family Feud in the Albany-Schenectady-Troy metropolitan area air on CBS 6 / CW 15. A new episode on the 16th is set to air at 7:30PM, so we can assume that the family will appear on that episode.

So, grab your popcorn or set your DVR, because the O'Gorman family of Oswego is ready to play, and win, the Feud.

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