Now that states are finally beginning to open up, a lot of people are excited to finally be able to leave home. NY Pause began over a month ago and people haven’t been allowed to open businesses. People haven’t been able to go to work or shop.

During the NY Pause period traveling wasn’t restricted airlines were open with minimal travel because people were concerned about breathing recycled air and transporting COVID-19 to multiple states.

Now that the NY Pause period is over, airlines are making up for the missed money by discounting flights extremely. I know a lot of time we get fake offers of cheap travel but this time, it's real. I’m not sure if traveling is 100% safe but these deals will make the most skeptical people take a second look.

  • Orlando/Sandford Fl from 29$ each way
  • Fort Meyers/Punta Gorda Fl from $33 each way
  • Tampa/St Pete Fl from $43 each way
  • Myrtle Beach, SC from $45 each way

I found deals leaving from Albany as low as $29 the most expensive flight I found was $100. This is well worth the getaway. You could take the whole family to Disney World for under $500.00. That is an amazing deal that we will probably never see again any time soon. A lot of the front line workers deserve a vacation because they have worked so hard for the past couple of weeks.

Check out these travel deals I personally recommend Myrtle Beach it's nice, but off of the scene and cheaper than going to Miami. Check out the travel deals and maybe gift someone you know a vacation if you can afford is. A vacation for everyone is well-deserved we all need one.

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