It is super convenient when you can fly out of Albany International Airport to your destination but it isn't always possible. Stewart International Airport is another option that is only about 90 miles south of the Capital Region. They are now adding an airline that will offer flights to Europe.

What Do We Know About The New Airline?

The airline is called Play which is an Icelandic airline that offers flights from the United States to Europe. The Stewart International Airport in Orange County will be the third U.S. destination for Play Airlines. It is a low-cost airline that you can fly to twenty-two European cities including Dublin, Copenhagen, London, and Paris. Ticket sales have begun and the first flights will depart on June 9th according to the Albany Business Review.

Why Stewart International Airport?

Just recently Stewart Airport did a $30 million expansion. There are an additional twenty thousand square feet for the U.S. Customs inspection area. Steven Neuhaus who is an Orange County Executive said of the addition:

The arrival of Play Airlines will benefit not only Orange County, but the entire region. It will also help establish Stewart Airport as a true international destination for travelers again.

Are They Optimistic About Play Airlines at Stewart Airport?

Play Airlines CEO said in a statement:

The business environment for all airlines has been challenging but we have been able to increase our market share and get PLAY into a very favorable market position to be able to enjoy the coming market growth, especially as we expand into the transatlantic market in the spring.

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