A lot of artists, come and go from the Capital Region, but Chris Dance is here to stay. Most of the people who were doing music when I first moved to the Capital Region aren’t around anymore. The reason why Chris Dance is here to stay is that Chris Dance is letting his influence be known in multiple ways around the Capital Region.

Chris Dance is not only a music artist who won the 2019 Hot 991’s Listener’s Choice award. Chris Dance is a writer, engineer, and activist also. Chris Dance was at the forefront of the protest in Albany which led the Albany Police chief to come out and take a knee with protesters.

Chris Dance was front and center for that moment getting a chance to voice his frustrations about current race relations with the Albany PD and give suggestions on how community policing can improve the future of our community. If you aren’t familiar with Chris you should definitely take the time to get acquainted with him and his music.

I took some time to head over to Capital Mixers studio to chop it up with Chris Dance about the current political landscape in Albany. Of course, we talked about new music projects that are coming soon. Also, I had to ask Chris on his views on being a new transplant to the Capital Region and how doing music here varies from doing music in his hometown of Brooklyn, NY?

Take the time to really get to know Chris Dance because you will be seeing plenty of Chris Dance, I promise you, he is motivated to change the world through his voice and his music. I was very thoroughly impressed by Chris Dance's movement. Check out the video below:

You can follow Chris Dance on all of his social media platforms below. Another 518 artists set to blow up.

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