Poor Ci Ci, after this segment of Ciara’s recent interview in The Guardian circulated online CiCi’s Instagram comment sections simultaneously erupted into swarms of bees and hundreds of anchors.

“Despite her success – 2010’s Basic Instinct is the only one of her albums not to reach the US top five – she has never become a household name in the manner of Rihanna or Beyoncé. “You know what I think?” she asks, rhetorically. “Everything’s about timing. I’ve had records just as big as those artists, I’ve had No 1 songs around the world. My biggest competition is me.” That and her old label, perhaps. After Basic Instinct only reached No 44, she left LaFace/Jive, announcing on Facebook that they had not supported her enough. Her next album, Ciara, released on Epic, duly went to No 2. “There’s no doubt in my mind how high up this train can go,” she says calmly. “I faced those challenges. I don’t see myself beneath Beyoncé and Jay Z; I don’t see myself above them. I’m in my own world, hungry to grow.”

Its crazy that people are this devoted to Beyonce and Rihanna...

I just don't understand these people,they all need hobbies. Its cool to like someone's music and enjoy it but these people go to far. Any of these lunatics that use bee emojis to signify a "call to arms", to defend a celebrity that truly doesn't give a about your minuscule existence, on social media. I'm sure some of these people are dealing with real life mental issues.