The Capital Region is working hard to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic with extensive safety protocols as well as vaccinations. Although we are making great strides in terms of the virus itself, the economic impact is it having a very difficult time rebounding. Millions of New Yorkers are still struggling with food insecurity, and volunteers are working hard to keep them fed.

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Before the pandemic even began, millions of pounds of food was given away per year by the Regional Food Bank. During the past year and a half the food bank gave away 56 pounds of food, and there are still many people who remain unemployed and hungry.

According to CBS 6 The Catholic Charities worked in coordination with the Regional Food Bank to distribute food at more than 100 events.

Sister Betsy Van Deusen is the Director of Community Partnerships with Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Albany. She says that her organization has to just keep working hard to provide food for those who need it most.

Sister Van Deusen is worried about children who may go on unfed now that school is out for the summer. She said, “Many of them received backpacks, or breakfast and lunch at school, and now that’s not available to them. We know nutrition is so critical for young ones, how do we make sure they still get to eat every day?”

Van Deusen says that she is grateful for volunteers and she knows that the food distribution could not go on without volunteers. She says that the volunteers are kind people who just want to help their neighbors.

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