Of all the pandemic shortages we have had, this is one of the most mind-blowing.

Pandemic Shortages

Think about all of the various items that we have been running short on during the pandemic. Toilet paper, Chicken wings, pepperoni, slip and slides. Even the supply chain for booze has been disrupted during the pandemic. And if you are a parent, you have certainly noticed a shortage of another super-important, key item on your weekly shopping list.

Juice Box Shortage

Yes, that is right. Just like we were searching for toilet paper when the pandemic began, it feels like our family is on a weekly Capital Region treasure hunt for juice boxes. Cruising from store to store in Clifton Park and beyond, I feel like we have a better chance of winning the Powerball each week than finding the kid's favorite Roaring Waters Capri Suns or some Minute Maid Lemonade Juice Boxes.

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Why The Supply Breakdown?

At first, I thought I was crazy. If there is plenty of juice in regular cartons and containers, how could there be a shortage of juice boxes? But if you do a Google search for "Juice Box Shortage" we aren't alone in the Capital Region. Parents like you and me can't find juice boxes in many places nationwide. This also means I have my kids drinking out of cups with straws and basically spilling crap all over our house. Or just not drinking anything because all they pretty much want to drink is a juice box.

So why this latest shortage? Apparently, a lot of our supply chain shortcomings can basically be attributed to not only a shortage of "labor and raw supplies" acc0rding to the Wall Street Journal but also delivery issues. President Biden did announce today several key private delivery channels will be upping their operations to run 24/7 to hopefully help the bottleneck of goods. So hopefully will see some relief soon from all of these crazy shortages!

All I know is this: we can live without the juice boxes for a bit. But I pray every day we don't ever have any issues with chicken nuggets and french fries. It's all our kids eat and we will have a mutiny on our hands if the supply of dino nuggets and smiley face french fries ever ceased.

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