Well, I think it's pretty safe to say that Beyonce is a big time star who 'ain't going anywhere kids. And, I think we can all agree that if someone puts together an evolution medley of all the smash hit songs you have sung thus far in your career, that you have made it to the tippy top kids!!

I have a special TREAT, no TRICKS, for you! The evolution of Beyonce.

Pentatonix style, which means acapella style. Love this group of talented singers, and they have now taken this day by storm on YouTube by posting "The Evolution of Beyonce."

Holy good God, when I have time, I am going to watch and keep a tally of all of the hits Beyonce has sang, with or without Destiny's Child.....wow! And not to mention, I love all of these damn songs. OK Ms Fierce??

There's no way in hell, I think, that even if you are a Beyonce hater, that you can find one song in this evolution that you do not love, or secretly love that is....and won't admit!!

All I have to say is your welcome my fellow Be Be fans!!