Last night Jimmy Fallon made his debut as he took over the Tonight Show and moved it back to NYC- Move over Leno!! I was unfortunately fast asleep and missed the show in it's entirety but everyone is talking about it today and it's all good things being said!! And of course, first thing I heard about was Will Smith coming on the show to join Fallon and give us his Evolution of Hip Hop Dancing.

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You know I always gotta share funny stuff with you, life is short and I love to make you all laugh. If you are having a rough day definitely take a few minutes away and watch this clip.

My immediate thoughts after watching this: A. Oh how I miss my overalls. B. The Kid n Play was my favorite move and C. I could do the jump over the leg thing back in the day!! Fast forward to today and I would probably fall over myself, break my leg and probably some innocent bystander's limbs upon falling!

Without further adieu, here it is, sit back, listen, learn, but most importantly laugh!!