A simple traffic stop in Albany leads to a 19-year woman from Troy being arrested on drug charges.

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We often hear about people being stopped by the police while driving around with something illegal inside their cars. People drive recklessly when they have guns or drugs in their car, and sometimes they are pulled over for very minor traffic violations that lead to officers searching their vehicles. Once police search the vehicle and discover the guns or the money, it’s all downhill for drivers and sometimes even passengers.

On Wednesday a 19-year old woman from Troy was located in Albany allegedly driving with suspicious license plates. When members of the Albany County Sheriff’s Office stopped her vehicle, they discovered that she was driving with illegal tags on her car.

According to News6, Troy resident Jasmine D’Angelis was stopped in Albany for various traffic violations. Officers with the Sheriff’s Office ran her license plates, and determined that the New York tags had allegedly been switched from another vehicle.

During the traffic arrest, officers searched Ms. DeAngelis’ vehicle and found approximately 3.5 grams of cocaine inside the car.

Officers arrested and charged Ms. DeAngelis with various Traffic Violations and one count of fourth-degree Criminal Possession of a Controlled. The substance is a class C Felony Offense. She was transported to the Albany County Correctional Facility, and she was scheduled for an arraignment today.

The drug arrest could mean serious consequences for someone so young. Ms. D’Angelis has subjected herself to jail time if she is found guilty of these offenses.

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