Talib Kweli teams up with rap newcomers the Underachievers to release a progressive track called 'New Leaders.' Produced by Statik Selektah, the song appears on Kweli’s independent album, 'Gravitas,' due Dec. 15.

On the uplifting anthem, the Brooklyn rhymer encourages the youth to be leaders and not followers. "Got enough followers / I’m looking for some new leaders," he chants on the track.

Kweli then raps, "Enough about y'all, now back to me / Ain't no academic leave, I'm not faculty / These new slaves ain't ready for my masterpiece / So when they hear me rap it's catastrophe."

Elsewhere, rapper AK of the Underachievers urges kids to bring peace in the 'hood and strive for a better tomorrow.

"If all our people spreading love instead of evil / We would prosper our conscious to a level with no equal, lethal," he spits.

Issa Gold, his partner-in-rhymer, concurs, rapping, "I take flight, it's goodbye to all the negativity / That plague millions of young innocent souls like me / Gave me the genius mind state necessary / To feast off of this unlimited and figurative tree of life."

Props to Kweli and the Underachievers for bringing a motivational song to the rap game. We need more of them.

You can now pre-order the digital version of 'Gravitas’ at Talib Kweli’s music store, KweliClub.com.

Listen to Talib Kweli's 'New Leaders' Feat. the Underachievers