Dollar General Looking to Hire Thousands
In these uncertain times, know that there are stores that are hiring. Dollar General is looking to fill thousands of positions across the country. There are nearly two dozen stores here in the Capital Region.
Your Fired!
Fair Warning Act of 2019 Senator Chuck Schumer to introduce legislation to prevent this from happening.
Researcher Says Starting Work Before 10 AM is Like Torture
According to one Oxford researcher, waking up and going to work before 10 am is torture.
I'm definitely not going to disagree. In one recent article , there's a discussion about Dr. Paul Kelley's views on sleep and work patterns as a leading researcher at Oxford University...
8 Worst Radio Songs
As we all know, there are songs being played that we just aren't into. And, according to, the songs listed below are some of the worst songs being played on the radio to date.
Back To Life, Back to Reality: The Monday Blahs
Well, welcome back Capital Region!! It's Monday and many of us are returning from a long weekend. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and holiday weekend with your fam and friends. But, unfortunately, it is back to life, back to reality....