Change is coming hopefully! Imagine arriving at your job and see a notice that this location is closed without any notice. Or clocking in and not knowing that at the end of the day you were going to be out of a job. Too many people have gone through this as if their livelihood doesn’t matter to these corporations.

Many New Yorkers this past Spring arrived at their jobs only to find out they didn’t have a job! It has now prompted Senator Chuck Schumer to introduce legislation to prevent this from happening again. Schumer said “No matter how you look at it, the way these abrupt closures and sudden firings went down was anything but friendly to upstate workers.” He’s referring to multiple Friendly restaurants abruptly closing multiple locations without warning or explanation.

It’s going to be called the "Fair Warning Act of 2019.” Schumer says the bill would close a loophole in the WARN Act which allows smaller companies to avoid notifying employees of closings and layoffs.

Everyone should be properly notified if they are going to lose their job in this day in age, the only reason I can think of that you wouldn’t be notified is if your corporation has dirty hands. This is one legislation that would protect many families in NY.

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