Local Man Caught Driving 170 MPH
Will Ferrell’s character Ricky Bobby said it best in the movie Talladega Nights – “I wanna go fast!” It seems Nikkolaus McCarthy from Charlton has a lot in common with Ricky. Dude was caught riding his motorcycle at face-peeling speeds of 170 MPH.
Fake Marijuana To Become Illegal
What’s the difference between marijuana and “synthetic marijuana”? A lot. The real stuff makes you hungry and giggle. The synthetic stuff makes you hallucinate, bug out and convulse. That’s why the state is looking to criminalize the purcha…
New Details Emerge in Jennifer Hudson Murder Trial
Both the prosecution and the defense in the Jennifer Hudson family murder trial focused primarily on evidence. Per The Hollywood Reporter, one of these pieces of evidence was the recording of the 911 call Julia Hudson made when she discovered her mother’s body.
As we’ve previously warned, some detail…
Jennifer Hudson’s Sister Testifies in Murder Trial
Continuing in the dramatic and heartbreaking Jennifer Hudson family murder case, her sister — and mother of seven-year-old victim Julian King — testified in court today. We once again advise readers to read at their own discretion, as some of the testimony is very disturbing.
50 Cent Sued Over Soul Sample
50 Cent has been hit with a lawsuit over a sample he used for a 2009 song. According to TMZ, Robert Poindexter, a member of the soul group The Persuaders, accuses Fiddy of copying a snippet from the band’s song ‘Love Gonna Pack up and Walk Out‘ on a song called ‘Red…
Operation Hang Up Around Albany This Week
Operation Hang Up is in full effect starting… NOW! The last patrol for drivers using cell phones racked up over 800 tickets and fines. So no matter how “good” you are at texting while driving, you might want to use this week as an opportunity to break your habit.
Flo Rida Ordered to Pay $80,000 for No-Show in Australia
We have a good feeling that Flo Rida is not going to like this.
On Friday (April 13), an Australian judge ordered the Miami rapper to pay $80,000 in performance and damage fees for not showing up at the country’s Fat as Butter music festival in October. According to the New York Post,…