We have a good feeling that Flo Rida is not going to like this.

On Friday (April 13), an Australian judge ordered the Miami rapper to pay $80,000 in performance and damage fees for not showing up at the country’s Fat as Butter music festival in October. According to the New York Post, if Flo Rida doesn’t cough up the money his assets in Australia will be frozen.

Promoter Breat Lean claims that he paid Flo Rida (real name Tramar Dillard) $55,000 for his appearance but he was a no-show. He is also seeking $25,000 in punitive damages. “We are seeking costs that we expended, out-of-pocket expenses including accommodation, vehicles and damage to our client’s business and goodwill,” said Lean’s attorney Stephanie Borg.

Last October, Flo Rida was kicked out of the Aussie music festival after showing up three hours late. Promotors of the festival claim that the ‘Wild Ones’ rapper had a “hissy-fit” over his travel accommodations and was not “in a suitable condition to perform.”

In response, Flo Rida issued a vague explanation about his absence from the event. “Australian fans, I was looking forward to performing for you but due to unforeseen circumstances I wasn’t able to do so,” he said.

Flo Rida and his attorney had no comment on the legal matter.

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