Both the prosecution and the defense in the Jennifer Hudson family murder trial focused primarily on evidence. Per The Hollywood Reporter, one of these pieces of evidence was the recording of the 911 call Julia Hudson made when she discovered her mother’s body.

As we’ve previously warned, some details of the case may be disturbing to some readers, so we encourage you to proceed at your own discretion.

As reported, the prosecution claims that Julia Hudson’s ex, William Balfour, went to the Hudson family’s house at about 9AM on Oct. 24, 2008, and used a .45-caliber handgun to murder mother Darnell Donerson in the living room, then shot brother Jason Hudson twice in the head as he lie in bed. The prosecution said that immediately after the murders of Donerson and Jason, Balfour took off in Jason’s sports utility vehicle with Julia’s seven-year-old son Julian King lying behind a front seat. Authorities claim Balfour shot Julian in the head. Julian’s body was found in the abandoned SUV following a three-day search.

Julia Hudson discovered her mother’s body in the living room when she returned home from work.

The 911 tape was played for the court. Julia can be heard on the tape screaming, “Oh my God, oh my God!” The dispatcher asks Julia to stop screaming because she can’t understand what she’s saying. Julia then musters, “My momma, my momma!”

Public defender Amy Thompson, who represents Balfour in the case, claims that police are unfairly pinning the murders on Balfour and that they are more likely linked to Jason Hudson’s alleged drug dealing. Thompson claims that J-Hud’s celebrity led to the police to find a suspect quickly. “The police were on the hook,” she said. “They had to find their man and find him fast.” Julia, under cross examination, admitted to being intimate with Balfour just days before the murders occurred. Thompson also claims that DNA found on the gun does not match Balfour, thereby “absolutely, positively” excluding him as the killer.

Balfour is being charged with three counts of first degree murder. We wish the best for Hudson and her family during what must be an unimaginably difficult time.

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