Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Hudson hook up in the visual for the rapper's latest single, "Trouble."

Azalea and her love interest pull up in front of a bank, which -- unbeknownst to the Aussie native --- he plans to rob. After attempting to escape, he's apprehended by the police, one of which happens to be J-Hud, and subsequently arrested.

While transporting the guy to prison, Hudson belts out the hook with her usual brand of soulful sass and power vocals, pulling off her role as the sultry Ms. Officer effectively. Azalea comes to visit her bad-boy beau in jail, where we find out she's more Bonnie to his Clyde than an innocent gal as she stages a jailbreak -- but not without J-Hud catching wind of it.

Leading the cops on a high-speed chase, the two outlaws eventually crash into a fire hydrant and the rhymer's lover is arrested once more and hauled off to the slammer again.

Hudson and Azalea dance and mean-mug for the camera, but in the end, the Reclassified creator doesn't get away unscathed. Officer Hudson abruptly puts the cuffs on her, effectively ending her crime spree.

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