50 Cent has been hit with a lawsuit over a sample he used for a 2009 song. According to TMZ, Robert Poindexter, a member of the soul group The Persuaders, accuses Fiddy of copying a snippet from the band’s song ‘Love Gonna Pack up and Walk Out‘ on a song called ‘Redrum.’

The song ‘Redrum’ appeared on 50 Cent’s mixtape called ‘War Drum,’ which he posted online for free. The New York rapper contends that since he didn’t make any money on the collection, he’s immune from any copyright claims.

Poindexter isn’t buying it and he wants him to pay up. In his suit, Poindexter is demanding that 50 Cent cough up $600,000 in punitive damages, plus interest, as well as unspecified statutory damages.

This isn’t the first time Poindexter has gone after a rapper for sampling his group’s music without his permission. He slapped Kanye West with a $500,000 lawsuit in March claiming that the rapper-producer sampled the Persuaders’ track ‘Trying Girls Out’ for his 2006 remix of ‘Girls Girls Girls.’ The song appeared on West’s ‘Freshman Adjustment 2′ mixtape, which he posted online for free.

We are no legal eagles here, but the laws related to sampling and copyrights are getting very complicated. In the end, we hope that all parties can reach an amicable settlement in these copyright-infringement cases.

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