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Justin Bieber (Or Someone in His Crew) Moons Lil Za [NSFW]
After last week's raid and arrest for drug possession, there appears to be no strain in the much publicized Justin Bieber and Lil Za friendship. In fact, the two seem to be having good times despite all the drama. The Biebs posted a pic on Instagram that looks like him (or someone in his crew) …
Celebrities Honor Martin Luther King, Jr. on Social Media
Today, Monday, Jan. 20, marks Martin Luther King Jr. Day -- a day to remember the iconic Civil Rights leader and all that he has done for racial equality and beyond in our country. Celebrities are taking to social media today to honor the great Dr. King and everything that he stands for. Read on to …
Justin Bieber Pal Lil Za Arrested for Second Time Today
This is what we call double jeopardy.
Justin Bieber's associate Lil Za was arrested when authorities raided the singer's home in search of evidence of his involvement in an egg tossing incident last week. Za was said to be in possession of cocaine, but it turned out to be molly. Apparently, one arres…
Lil Za Arrested at Justin Bieber's Home for Cocaine Possession
UPDATE: Police say they found Molly (a form of ecstasy) and Xanax in the home, not cocaine.
EggGate has grabbed another headline. Justin Bieber dealt with authorities raiding his crib today (Jan. 14) looking for some sort of evidence and/or video that he egged his neighbor's house, causing several gs…
Justin Bieber Sues Company For Calling Him an Idiot
Never, like, ever call Justin Bieber an idiot. We're not saying that simply because we're diehard Beliebers (though it's true), but because calling him names or insulting him simply can get really expensive, as company Wall Celebrity is finding out the hard way.

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