This is what we call an intervention from afar.

Canadian radio station Hot 89.9 has said that it is pulling Justin Bieber's music from rotation, with one caveat.

They will not play the teen's music again until he seeks help and checks into rehab. His arrest for DUI and drag racing was the topic of conversation yesterday (Jan. 23).

Perez Hilton reports that the Ottawa-based station told listeners that until The Biebs, a native of Canada, cleans up his act, his music won't be played.

That's actually semi-bad news for the singer, since he hasn't had a radio smash in quite some time. Granted, the 'Believe' cycle is over, but nothing on his excellent acoustic EP took off and nothing from the #MusicMondays series exploded, either.

His 'Believe' film also bombed at the box office but it should do well with DVD receipts.

That said, he sells out shows and still enjoys unwavering Belieber dedication, so radio singles don't really power the Bieber machine.

But it feels like the station is trying to aid from a distance and that's noble.

Biebs' manager Scooter Braun tweeted about the headaches of yesterday. It was an uplifting transmission and fitting coda given the day's events.

Speaking of Braun, the dude has had a rough week. His other major client the Wanted announced their hiatus, and he likely had to deal with the fallout and correct the media assumption that a break meant breakup, something the members refuted on Twitter. And then there was The Biebs' arrest.

Below are the tweets from Max and Tom of the Wanted, further assuring their status as a unit. Just FYI, for the Wanted Fanmily.