Sometimes, you need your mentor to step in and shake some sense into you.

That appears to be the case with Justin Bieber, who had a rough week last week with his arrest for possible DUI and drag racing. Usher, who found and nurtured The Biebs, has reportedly jetted down to Panama for a sit down with The Biebs.

We know, that all sounds very Mafioso, but Usher is The Biebs' mentor. The kid respects Ush and what he has to say, given his very successful career as an R&B superstar. Usher also cares about the teen and obviously needs to protect his investment. It makes sense for Usher to try and talk some sense into the wayward singer and maybe enjoy a little hang time.

Usher was reportedly accompanied by Bieber's manager Scooter Braun and Ryan Butler, The Biebs' buddy who also appears in the 'One Time' video with The Biebs and Usher. So it's all people the singer knows, loves and trusts.

Sometimes a stern talking to or a verbal intervention can do the trick. We hope Usher is/was able to help set The Biebs straight.