After last week's raid and arrest for drug possession, there appears to be no strain in the much publicized Justin Bieber and Lil Za friendship. In fact, the two seem to be having good times despite all the drama. The Biebs posted a pic on Instagram that looks like him (or someone in his crew) mooning the rapper while he sleeps.

Boys will be boys. At least Da Biebs wasn't drawing fake mustaches on Za's face with a Sharpie marker or dipping his hand in a bowl of warm water, which are scenarios that often happen when one friend falls asleep around prankster pals.

If that is indeed the Biebs' bum, well, Beliebers will be happy to take a look and gawk at it. We only see aerial shot of the outer cheeks. It's nothing truly offensive. But it's a Bieber butt -- we think!

And there lies Za, napping peacefully. Let's hope no one farted!

The Biebs got all pun-like in his caption, writing: "@lilza u a-- leep????"

We get it, we get it.