T.I. is speaking out about social justice issues again, this time aiming his sage advice at the confused Floyd Mayweather, who recently endorsed "All Lives Matter" and seems to believe encounters with police would always end peacefully if black people would just "follow directions, follow order. Don’t give nobody a hard time.”

Tip went on Instagram to set him straight, saying that Mayweather's comments were "socially irresponsible, inconsiderate, and insensitive."

"It mirrors delusional oblivion in a way only brainwashing tactics can achieve," T.I. said. "This completely undermines & discredits the movements that fight for the plights of our people."

The rapper then explained to Mayweather that having financial success and fame ultimately won't exclude him from systemic oppression.

"You're a leader whether you know it or not," Tip said. "Don’t get so lost in personal possession or individual achievement that you lose sight of the things that are larger than all of us. Freedom, equality, justice, human rights,qualities of life that have been withheld (or given out sparingly) from our people for generations (400 yrs approximately)."

T.I., who recently starred in a brilliant clip about mass incarceration for Vevo's "Why I Vote" campaign, then broke down what it means to truly have integrity and be great in the face of oppression.

"'Greatness' isn't a measure of your abilities & accomplishments, 'Greatness' is a measure of your morals,integrity & principles throughout life," he wrote. "Oppression knows no neutral ground. Either you're the oppressed,or you're the oppressor. What side would you like to believe you're on?"

T.I. has been vocal about social justice issues for years, though as of late, he seems to be on a mission. Last month, he released the passionate, dope album focusing on police terrorism, Us or Else, which featured stellar verses from him and rappers including Killer Mike and Meek Mill.

Check out T.I.'s full note to Floyd below.


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