With celebrity boxing matches now appearing to become a thing again, there's a chance we could see some rappers test their skills in the ring. 50 Cent recently said he'd be down to fight frienemy Floyd Mayweather Jr.

On Friday (Jan. 29), Fif conducted an interview with Atlanta radio station V-103, in which he talked about the possibility of lacing up the gloves.

"I don't think I can make weight, though," Fif answered when asked by host Big Tigger if the rapper would be willing to square up with anyone in the ring.

"I'd fight Floyd if I can get down, closer to the [weight]. Or he could just let me not have to get down to 150," 50 added, referring to Floyd's natural fighting weight.

50 Cent is 6-feet tall and around 210 pounds, a clear mismatch in weight classes.

"I tried [losing a lot of weight] before, I looked like a homeless person," 50, who boxed when he was younger, continued, referencing his drastic weight loss for the film Things Fall Apart in 2010. "I can make it like down to like 180."

The celebrity boxing match has seemingly been revived recently with YouTuber Jake Paul fighting former NBA player Nate Robinson last November. Former NBA player Lamar Odom is set to fight this summer. Jake Paul is also set to return to the ring to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr., though the event has been delayed.

50 and Floyd's status as former friends would definitely add much hype to the fight if it were to happen. The two entertainers used to be best of buds. However, more recently, they've been less friendly and have taken shots at each other on social media frequently over the years. The origins of the falling out are murky, with Floyd saying last year that the beef came out of the blue.

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