Suge Knight is back in the news. The former rap mogul was arrested early Wednesday morning (Sept. 11) after he was pulled over by police in Los Angeles.

According to TMZ, police viewed Suge's car swerving in two lanes and noticed the vehicle didn't have any license plates. When cops pulled him over, they discovered that he was clean and sober.

However, the bad news here is that Suge has an outstanding warrant for driving with a suspended license and therefore had to be arrested.

In the end, Suge was handcuffed and escorted to a local jail where he's still waiting to post his $20,000 bail.

Earlier this year, the Death Row Records founder was in the news for having two warrants, equaling $5,000 and $30,000, for two traffic violations.

Currently, Suge is on unsupervised probation, and with his latest arrest, he could be looking at more criminal punishment.