Snoooooooooop! My boy Snopp Dogg aka Snoop Lion was traveling overseas to my native Italy with a whole lot of cash money which was eventually seized by authorities.


Usually Snoop Dogg is carrying the other "greenery", if you will aka weed. He has had those types of stops goin through airports. But this time he had $422,000 stuffed in a Louis Vuitton luggage bag as he went through the airport in Calabria. He said the money was to pay for his band & entourage while performing overseas.


The cash limit is 11,000 lire or $10,000 in U.S. cash to travel through Italy due to money laundering. The Italian polizia aka police then seized $205,000 of his money! I need to call my people of in Italy, try to help my dogg Snoop out!

I really don't know how he will get his money back, an investigation is now pending.