Snoop Dogg is more than just a veteran OG in the rap game. He's also an artist, particularly, a painter who knows how to express himself on canvas. To coincide with his collaboration with sock maker Happy Socks, the Doggfather shows off his painting skills in a new ad.

The artsy clip, titled "The Art of Inspiration," features Snoop and his bikini-clad assistants creating some very colorful artwork in an all-white studio. During his creative process, the veteran rhyme-slinger also talks about his inspirations while he paints.

"I’ve always felt like painting was something I wanted to do, but I just never had time to do it,” explains Snoop. “I think painting gives me an emotion like no other. I can cry while I’m painting, I can laugh while I’m painting, I can be serious while I’m painting.”

As a painter, Snoop feels free to create with his art because "there is no limit." In other words, it makes him want to say, "Ughh!"

If you want some inspiration for your feet, Snoop Dogg is launching a line of limited-edition socks that represent three different sides of him: Painter Snoop, Rastafarian Snoop and 'Gin and Juice' Snoop.

The Snoop Dogg x Happy Sock exclusive box set is the perfect Christmas gift for the "G" in your family. No telling whether or not Iggy Azalea's purchased a pair for Swaggy P.

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