Finally! One of the most frustrating points of the prior two episodes was how Siya's story was stuck on dealing with Renaye's jealous self. Siya arguably has the most potential of the entire cast considering her backstory, down-to-earth nature and talent. What makes a lot of this episode work in her favor is how it doesn't just delve into her artistic need to be heard. We see her realness as a portrait of someone who's struggling on the line between the controllable and circumstantial.

Like last week with Brianna Perry, this episode's best moments revolve around the concept of autonomy. The clearest example is when Siya meets with her manager, singer Tank. She vents her frustration about her career's stagnation. Has Tank been lazy when it comes to helping Siya advance her career? Maybe, but it's here that Tank decides to drop the bomb: she can't hit the studio because studio time is out of their budget. The fact that Siya had to hear this from Tank at the point and his calmness while telling her should raise some red flags. The situation isn't just an appeal to logic, though; it's gutting to see a normally composed Siya briefly sob over the news.

So does Siya fire Tank as a manager? Here's where it gets tricky. Tank reminds Siya that he took her off the Bed-Stuy streets by signing her. It isn't meant as a loving memory. She owes him his loyalty, but with the 'What Have You Done For Me Lately' plot playing out, that's problematic. At least she gets a temporary end to her conflict with Renaye by simply talking things out with her.

Other than Siya's situation, not a lot happens in this episode. You have Nyemiah Supreme's dating and trust issues but on front street, which leads up to a very awkward dinner date with Mack Wilds. At least that story has Wilds' hilariously noticeable discomfort to lighten the mood.

Diamond grows tiring as she's seen constantly spouting the "new me" mantra. She also gets into it with Nyemiah when the entire group meets up in a club at the end of the episode. Like Siya says, it's a pretty strange conflict to begin with. But there's an odd hilarity to be found in Diamond seething at Nyemiah's presence and finally calling her and the dancers she used during her performance "dusty" in the form of "advice." They'll work it out eventually.

Side note(s):

  • What is it with this show and randomly inserting the star who has no stake in a storyline? Brianna shows up to simply hang out before she goes to Miami. That's it.
  • There hasn't been much about Bia for two straight episodes. She has to have something going on (other than scolding her sister in the next episode).