Albany school system has been taking a lot of complaints due to the recent firing of over 200 employees.  Many but not all of those people laid off due to COVID-19 were teachers.  Teachers weren’t laid off in any particular order and teachers are definitely considered essential employees.  With the laying off of so many educators this year the situation has created a new problem that is unique to the 2020 school year.

According to District Administration, there have been reports of some of the same teachers that were laid off being rehired as substitutes.   Many are complaining that this is unfair and that the school system is basically paying these people less money to do the same job. 

The Albany Public School Teachers association tweeted  “We are currently reviewing the many instances that have been reported to us of members who were laid off only to be asked to then long term sub for “cut positions.”

This doesn’t seem fair but let’s look at this from an objective perspective.  The city of Albany has laid off over 200 teachers, assistants, and even administrators at schools around the Capital Region but yet the people still employed are left with the tremendous task of educating our youth.    Of course, they are going to try to cut corners and bring back some of their fellow colleagues who they know are qualified but are still left unemployed. 

Also what else are these former educators supposed to do for gainful employment?  The school system was supposed to be a reliable career with plenty of job security.  I’m sure a lot of these people had no back-up plan in case the school system starts laying people off. 

While this is unfair to hire the staff back at a lower pay rate, these are unthought-of times and no one was prepared for any of this.  I think the staff that is willing to come back at a lower pay rate should be allowed to work.  This is a lose/lose situation that can be turned into a win/win for both our children and our unemployed educators.  What do you think should the teachers be allowed to work at a lower pay rate as substitutes?

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