Maybe, the kid needs to reconsider bullying...

Because from what I saw, his pieces (hands) aren't good enough to earn the right to bully anyone as far as I'm concerned.

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Sometimes, I feel as though these internet videos of parents reprimanding/humiliating their children in what they would consider the worst way in this day in age of information/social media end up taking things a little too far. But this one?! Not so much.

In this punishment video, a father finds out that his son is a bully at the school he attends. Instead of taking matters into his own hands, he ends up putting the matter in the boxing ring.. With not 1, but 2 professional boxers...

Let’s just say that the kid realized there were tougher, stronger, faster people than him.

Check the video below:

This can end up going 1 of 2 ways: The kid could see the error of his ways and swear off being a bully. Then again, he could end up using all that anger from either being beat up or from the humiliation the video brings and become a bigger bully.

What do you think?

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