The Electric City is known for great food, and tops New York Upstate's 12 best food cities.

Chances are you have dined at one of the many great restaurants in Schenectady, so you know it is just an incredible city when it comes to food. That reputation has landed Schenectady at #1 on New York Upstate's 12 best food cities. The writer of this article, Chuck D'Imperio, simply based his rankings on personal experience: he has written a book on food in Upstate NY and these rankings are based on all the research he has done eating across the region. Chuck obviously has a finely tuned palate with his choice for #1!

So what makes Schenectady so great? Chuck writes the city "...has been a home to great ethnic food ever since waves of immigrants came here long ago...(and)...the great food memories live on in the many diverse neighborhoods of Schenectady." And he nails it on the head here. Schenectady has so much to offer, and pretty much has a go to for any type of food you can think of. Heck, you could make the city #1 just based on the Italian restaurants in town (Perreca's please!!) but there is so much more to enjoy, and that's where the food greatness in Schenectady truly lies.

Schenectady is not the only Capital Region city that made the list: Saratoga Springs landed at #12. You can see the full New York Upstate top 12 food cities here.

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