Trick Daddy found himself being the butt of people’s jokes when his mugshot went viral last weekend after his arrest for cocaine possession and DUI. Now the Love & Hip Hop Miami star is calling out his haters for making fun of his appearance.

In response to the jokes, Trick Daddy, born Maurice Young, jumped on his Facebook page on Saturday (Jan. 11) to address the haters who poked fun at him with a plethora of funny memes at his expense.

“Let me get this right .. you lie on me .. make fun of the fact that I Have lupus ... and all this just for likes,” he wrote in his post. “Thank god [I’m] strong .. everything is funny until it hits close to home .. my feelings don’t hurt easily I’m too worried about waking up tomorrow.”

For those who don’t know, Trick has been suffering from Lupus for many years. In March 2009, while promoting his memoir, Magic City: Trials of a Native Son, he told radio personality Rickey Smiley that he’s been quietly suffering from the incurable disease for well over a decade. Although the disease can be lethal, Trick vowed to not let it slow him down.

“I’m the type of person, I came from so far of a struggle that it don’t matter to me, I learned to turn my downsides into jokes and get around it,” he stated. “My mama had eleven children from ten different men if she is strong enough to live with that I know I could live with this.”

As previously reported, Trick Daddy was pulled over by police after he was spotted running red lights and colliding with street signs in a Range Rover. When officers pulled him over they reportedly discovered that the 45-year-old rapper appeared “to be asleep behind the wheel."

Once awakened, officers noticed Trick's slurred speech and red eyes and asked him to take a field sobriety test, of which, he failed. He was then arrested and taken to the Hammocks District Station where police found he had cocaine in a rolled-up dollar bill in his belongings. Police also discovered he had an outstanding warrant for a previous DUI.

Trick is currently the host of the TNT morning radio show alongside Trina on Miami's 99 Jamz.

Read Trick Daddy's post below.

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