I'm always amazed at how criminals try to take advantage of people during a crisis. It happens after natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes, terrorist attacks like 9/11 and even during a pandemic. To pray on people during a time of such fear and uncertainty has to be the lowest of the lows.

According to an article on www.news10.com a group of scammers set up a fake coronavirus testing site in North Greenbush and may have stolen people's insurance information, identity info, and money.

The fake mobile testing center was set up at the Twin Town Little League parking lot on Williams Road. Scammers have even offered to come to a person's home to screen for the coronavirus and obviously that's just letting a criminal into your home and that's not going to turn out well.

Anyone who believed they were being tested at a mobile site anywhere in North Greenbush to contact the North Greenbush Police Department to provide any information they may have. It is believed there were at least two different locations set up over the last couple of weeks.

Remember, the only mobile testing sites are at hospitals so anything else should be suspect.

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