Rihanna is a dangerous girl to be around. Drake and Chris Brown got into a night club brawl which was, allegedly, a product of both being romantically linked to the song bird. New York Knicks guard, JR Smith, was the target of critics during last season’s NBA Playoffs when photos surfaced of the two cozying up at a club the night before a game. Now, one of her Instagram photos could end up landing two men in jail.

Surprisingly, RiRi is fully clothed in the photo. This time the controversy is because of an endangered primate species. She snapped the selfie in Phuket, Thailand with a sloth/monkey-lookin’ thing called a loris.

When authorities received word of the photo, they arrested the two males, one 16 and the other 20, who presented the animal for photo opportunities. The two could face up to four years in prison as well as a $1,300 fine. Officials say this is just one high-profile case of continued initiative to crack down on exploitation of wildlife.

We hope the loris doesn’t go extinct any time soon. I don’t care who you are or how tough you are, ya gotta admit – that’s one cute little bugger right there!