With Rihanna's Diamonds World Tour back up and running, it would seem that fans would be more than excited to see RiRi back on the stage. However, that didn't seem to be the case in Boston.

Considering fans had to pay a pretty penny for tickets and wait an extra two months due to Rihanna's illness, it's safe to say that they were more anxious to get their money's worth opposed to being excited for a show. Unfortunately, the Bajan singer disappointed the crowd when she stepped onto the stage three hours late.

According to sources, she was busy watching the first round game between the Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat on Monday night (May 6). Being a big basketball fan (or so we hear), she just got caught up and forgot she had a show to do in front of hundreds of her fans.

So what do they do when she finally gets onstage? Boo her. What made things worse was that the show didn't impress the already frustrated fans who vented on Twitter.

"@rihanna 2-3 hrs late for your show in Boston, huh??! #disrespectful #noexcuse basketball was more important huh?? Don't come back," one wrote.

Another called her out for not realizing what city she was actually in. "@rihanna you were three hours late and held up a Toronto flag. As a long time fan, I hate you as of now. Please get your act together," expressed the tweeter.

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