Rick Ross is reportedly feeling bitter about being dumped by Reebok over his controversial "rape" lyrics. Poor baby.

Now this is coming from TMZ, so we are going to throw caution to the wind when it comes to their reporting. If we've learned anything from TMZ's kerfuffle with Lil Wayne's hospitalization, the website tends to askew facts.

According to "sources," the Maybach Music Group honcho is expected to lose upwards of $5 million from the sneaker company for losing his endorsement deal for their kicks. The Miami rapper did issue an apology for his infamous lyrics on Rocko's mixtape song, 'U.O.E.N.O.'

However, according to TMZ, Ross feels that he should have been "corporate forgiven" since he brought the classic Reeboks back in style in the hip-hop community. Really?

If this story is true, then it's absolutely ridiculous for Ross to even think that. Sneakers don't hold weight to any moral responsibility you have to the hip-hop community. The culture is not defined by sneakers on your feet.

Having said that, it looks like Ross has taken his losses and is moving on to bigger and better projects. You can hear Rozay on DJ Khaled's single, 'No New Friends' with Weezy and Drake. Ross also just shot a video with Dre Films for the 'God Forgives, I Don't' track, 'Ice Cold' featuring Omarion.

We have a feeling that Rick Ross will be OK.

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