Five people were rescued Sunday morning, approximately halfway between Montauk, Long Island and Block Island, Rhode Island after reports of a whale colliding with the boat with one passenger tossed overboard, landing on the whale!

The United States Coast Guard, responded to a call from the Grady White brand pleasure craft named 'No Plans". Initial reports stated that a whale had struck the boat leaving a large hole toward the rear of the vessel. Not only did the craft begin taking on water but one passenger went overboard allegedly landing on the whale!

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I spoke with commercial fisherman Dale Denelle who happened to be out in his 17-foot Boston Whaler Sunday morning. Dale not only spotted the Coast Guard and "No Plans" he also spotted the whales and dolphin that were in the area that morning.

Drone Shot by Dale Denelle
Drone Shot by Dale Denelle

ABC 6 Rhode Island also caught up with Denelle for this quote:

We heard previously that one of the other captains on the fishing boat had helped the guy plug up the hole and because the guy’s electronics had been knocked out by the whale hitting the boat, that he called the coast guard.


Photo by Dale Denelle
Photo by Dale Denelle

USCG have confirmed that they rescued 5 passengers and all 5 are safe with no injuries.

Check out Dale's video. He got pretty close to the dolphin and whales Sunday morning.  

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