Growing up near the ocean, one thing became abundantly clear, don't mess with the force of water. Being wiped out by a six foot wave, while you are body-surfing is one thing. Being on a boat when a 20 foot wave comes over the top, is another story. On Sunday, four lucky sailors found out how much damage water can do. WBZ Boston WBZ Boston

According to, the United States Coast Guard made a dramatic rescue of four injured sailors on Sunday after their vessel, named Calypso, suffered significant damage from what was described by their life savers as a "rogue wave." WBZ Boston WBZ Boston
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Get our free mobile app reported that the wave hit the boat 80 miles south of Montauk, New York, while the four men were sailing aboard the 39-foot Calypso. WBZ in Boston showed the dramatic video and interviewed the brave rescue team from the MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crew of the US Coast Guard Air Station in Cape Cod. WBZ Boston WBZ Boston

The video shows Coast Guard members jumping into the southern Long Island waters to rescue the crew from the damaged boat. WBZ Boston WBZ Boston

According to Snejana Faberov of, "a “rogue wave” had knocked down Calypso’s mast and injured the four sailors, who were able to call for help. “There were 16- to 17-foot waves out there at the time,” Petty Officer Briana Carter told the Boston Globe. The rescue mission was complicated by rough seas, high winds and dwindling sunlight. More saved lives courtesy of the United States Coast Guard. Thank you to all of our military service men and women! WBZ Boston WBZ Boston

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