With all this talk of the big whopper of a storm we are getting hit with as I speak, again, I can't help but think back to the Valentine's storm we got in 2007. Do you remember where you were and what you did on that day?

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Every year around this time I reminisce with my home girl Dish about that very V Day in 2007 and we laugh, because we had a blast! At the time I was working at Lanie's Cafe and I had the day off. My girl Dish and our peeps were stuck working at the Cafe as the snow began coming down and piling up quick! Everyone kept texting me saying "Come to the LC, come to the LC!!"  "I can't, can someone come get me with a truck?" I remember asking but all the boys had already made there way there, so I was outta luck, until....

I sat home alone, bored, tv sucked, it was Valentine's day and soon I decided to get in my Nissan Altima and drive on over to celebrate with my crew.  I will never forget it, I put my snow boots on and my hat , grabbed my shovel and went on a mission. I remember pulling out of my parking spot and the groundsman at Loudon Arms said, "Girl are you crazy!? You know you won't get this parking spot back?!" I told him I knew, we both laughed, agreed it was probably a terrible decision and I proceeded to leave. Parking spot was immediately taken as I was pulling out, and I had already got stuck just doing that.

I made my merry way up Route 9 and immediately got stuck in a snow bank. I jumped outta my car with my shovel and began shoveling. Then a trooper came who kept trying to guide me out of the snowbank, he had no idea what he was doing and I ended up getting myself out. I felt like a bad ass biatch!

As I was on my way up Route 9, I look down and see, OH CRAP, I AM ON E!! What a jackass, I forgot I had to get gas! Some bad ass I was! Now I was really nervous and praying that I would make it to the Mobil on Albany Shaker Road. As I am getting ready to turn on to Osbourne, thisVolvo station wagon thing was going way to slow and I knew she would get stuck and of course she did, UGH!! I got outta the car, WITH MY SHOVEL again, and go to help and she gives me a snooty attitude, well, lady you are on your own, I thought. As I am guiding her a guy lays on his horn and goes around my parked car at the light and almost hits my mirror. AHOLE!! He had a Mercedes....jerk.

So, I make it to Mobil and I am the only female there. Men galore in their pick up trucks looking at me like WTF?! Mmm hmm, although I was not trying to be strategic it may have seemed as if I was because there were alot and I mean ALOT of good looking men on that scene lol.

I finally make my way to Lanie's and as I am approaching the door, in my big old boots and with my SHOVEL, lol, I hear a slow clap and the door opens and all my peeps gave me a round of applause as I entered the Cafe. My girl Dish is cracking up as she sees me, says " Nice boots and what the hell are you doing with a shovel?" I said something along the lines of, "Don't even get me started, you have NO IDEA what I just went through to get here! Someone get me a cocktail quick!"

We all had adult bevvies, hung out, played Quickdraw and had a blast.

A handful of us ended up piling into my boy JOAT's Ford Explorer and went to his and Dish's place and the V DAY celebration continued into the wee hours of the morning. Oh, might I add, he had to use my shovel to get us into the driveway?? And to think everyone was making fun of me and my shovel. We all had to work the lunch shift the next day, and needles to say, we were all hungover.

But, until this very day, this was the best Valentine's Day I have had thus far and it will be hard to beat! What an adventure it was ! Share your memories of V Day storm 2007 below, I would love to hear them!

And be careful out there today, I would love to loan you my shovel but as you can tell it is very dear to me. And, it is still in that very same house where we all whooped it up that night.... which ironically, I now rent that very same house, so my shovel and I did happily reunite  again in 2011.

Shout out to Trish the Dish, Jack of All Trades, Shoemodel, and Janet - Happy Anniversary!

Share your memories below! Go for it!