2004. R&B legend Rick James was in the midst of a remarkable comeback - not because of his music, but because of his persona.

Popularity was at a height for comedian Dave Chappelle and his Comedy Central hit show Chappelle's Show, featuring one of the most talked-about sketches, "Charlie Murphy's Hollywood Stories" which poked fun at Rick James' wild life back in the 80s.

Rick James was a music virtuoso, playing, singing, recording, and producing dozens of his own hits plus songs for countless other artists, like Smokey Robinson, Teena Marie, and even actor Eddie Murphy (Charlie Murphy's brother).

It was 10 years ago today at James died at his home from heart failure at the relatively young age of 56. Years of health issues and drug abuse finally took their toll. We miss Rick James because he was talented, charismatic, even funny. Let's not forget the incredible music that lives on. Three of my favorite Rick James songs are below. Comments welcomed and appreciated.