Raven Symone worked with Bill Cosby on "The Cosby Show," but see what she had to say about his allegations!

Over the past couple of weeks, there have been allegations circulating around comedian and philosopher Bill Cosby that he allegedly raped 30 women.

Recently there have been more rumors that say that Mr. Cosby may have sexually assaulted co-star Raven Symone during her stint on the "Cosby Show." Well, Raven took to Instagram to clear all the rumors up.

These allegations have been flying around for years. Why are they becoming so popular now? I remember hearing about them in 2006, why in 2014 are all of these allegations coming back to light?

Basically it's his word against the women making these allegations. No one will ever know what happened because we were not there. Medically, it is too late to try and find DNA evidence. It wasn't even thought of when most of these alleged sexual acts took place. It's a shame that allegations can get your re-runs and current work canceled. This man is almost 80 years old, this will ruin his legacy.