We are no strangers to major snowstorms here in the Capital Region, and we're in the midst of a pretty good-sized one right now!  Long before iPhones, selfies, and Tik Tok, people in those times were actually living their best life.

Take a moment to watch this pretty cool video filmed the day after Gloversville was walloped by a bunch of snow over 100 years ago!

It's hard to imagine the kind of life they lived because no one ever smiled and the black and white imagery makes everything look drab.

How old is the video?

Digitally remastered, colorized, and enhanced, a Reddit user posted a video that appeared on a local page that recently caught my attention.

It's titled, "College Women Having Fun Sleigh Riding in Gloversville, N.Y." and the person who posted it says it was filmed back in 1906.   For context, in 1906, $100 would be equivalent to over $3,000 today, and a new car would cost you about $500.  So this is OLD!

What's going on here?

Assuming that they were college girls - and still miraculously alive - they'd be well over 130-years-old, but it is possible to surmise that one or more of the women's children,  grandchildren, and great-grandchildren could be watching this and seeing a very old video featuring a long-gone relative enjoying a snowy, horse-drawn carriage ride through Gloversville.

The sound effects and voiceover in the video have obviously been added, but the video itself remains pure and joyful, and slightly odd as well.

The carriage ride looks fun, but I don't know many people who would laugh like that getting tossed into the snow on multiple occasions.  And I highly doubt the carriage driver would get a 5-star Uber rating if he/she did the same thing today.

Is that your great-great-grandmother?

Nonetheless, here is the video of (potentially) your great-grandmother in Gloversville, having the absolute time of her life playing in the snow with her other "college" friends. Does it make you wish you could go back in time?

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