Please do not toy with my (usually rushed and going in 27 different directions as a mom) emotions.

The latest news from one of our favorite places to shop is that they will now be offering coffee to go along with our curbside pickup orders.  Yes, I'm talking about Target offering an option to order a Starbucks drink as part of your 'to-go' curbside pickup order.

Should I go on?

According to Motherly (and several other sources, but this was where I first heard about it), 60% more customers have been utilizing Target's contactless shopping option throughout the pandemic. So, they figured why not let shoppers have the option of adding a drink from 'the bucks' as part of your online order, and then swing into the parking lot to get your purchases and your drink.  I think it's pretty genius, especially considering how long those lines of cars can sometimes be at the local coffee spots.

Placing Your Starbucks Order

It looks like, when planning to use this new Starbucks feature at Target, you'll be able to use the Target app to place your order and let the store know you're 'on your way' so the team can get your coffee order ready to be delivered to your car.

Plus, and this is a big one too, they're going to be offering product returns at the DriveUp as well, meaning you can return an item at Target from the comfort of your car.

Target Corporate shared some info about the upcoming additions, with their Chief Stores Officer, Mark Schindele stating:

Our guests continue to tell us they love the ease and convenience of Drive Up, and have been asking us to add even more of the Target experience to the service. Adding Starbucks ordering and easy returns, while expanding our backup item options, will give guests even more of what they love about shopping at Target, quickly and easily.

Looks like a fall 2022 roll-out test run for the coffee-to-go at select stores, with more locations, and more features to come down the road as well.

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