A safe, warm place to stay, belly rubs, and a few extra treats for being a good boy seem to be doing wonders for this sweet, innocent puppy who just a few weeks ago was found badly beaten and left for dead - tossed in a cardboard box near RPI in Troy.

Photo: MHHS Facebook
Photo: MHHS Facebook

Deniro, a Rottweiller puppy was in really rough shape when he was brought into the Mohawk Hudson Human Society after he was found on February 7th.  But in the hands of the right people, his remarkable turnaround began!

On February 11th, he underwent an extensive operation and his road to recovery was on!  This is what the MHHS posted two weeks ago on their Facebook page:

It took over 6 hours from start to finish, but Deniro is out of his 4-hour surgery and recovering. He's not out of the woods yet, but one hurdle is down. Keep on sharing so this little boy finds justice. You all are doing an amazing job of spreading this far and wide!

Today, more good news - justice will be served!

According to News 10 ABC, Khadijah Davis, 34, of Troy, was arrested on Thursday and charged with animal cruelty.

On their Facebook page today, the CEO of the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society responded to the news.

"This arrest is an important victory – not only for Deniro – but for our whole community. An individual that can carry out such depraved violence against an innocent puppy is clearly a danger to both animals and people in our community,” he said.

attachment-Deniro 4
Deniro is on the road to recovery - and his abuser was arrested! Photo: MHHS Facebook


What's next for Deniro?

The Mohawk Hudson Humane Society says that Deniro won't be available for adoption for several months while he heals.  Certainly, when that information becomes available, they'll update his status.

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