Looks like R. Kelly isn't part of the 'Happy People' he usually sings about after a mansion he once lived in while residing in his native Illinois sold for a ridiculously low amount.

Kellz's posh pad was auctioned off Monday (March 18) for $950,000, TMZ reports. While some would think that price point was a decent amount, the '12 Play' creator originally took out a $3.5 million mortgage to build the mansion. Major loss!

In 1997, R. Kelly built the 20,000-square-foot home with six bedrooms, eight baths, an indoor pool, theater room and a private lake. Four years later, a bank attempted to foreclose on the space after the crooner reportedly didn't make mortgage payments for over a year.

There were attempts to sell the mansion for $1.6 million in an effort to block the foreclosure. Unfortunately, there were no hits on the listing for a year. Subsequently, the bank went ahead with the foreclosure and sold the pad for the point, which likely made R. Kelly cringe.

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