Great class!  Really inventive minds! I felt like I didn't do a thing - they whipped this one up in no time flat.  That's because these third graders from Mrs. Lynch's class  are great leaders. They are so great, in fact - they wrote a song about it! 

For starters, I had my name on the marquee as I entered the school. How flattering was that?

photo by Richie

And as I walked down the halls to find Mrs. Lynch's class, I noticed the following poster on the wall

photo by Richie

So I guess leadership was definitely on the top of their minds in this school.  We (I mean, THEY)  wasted no time in creating "The Leadership Rap." Song and lyrics to follow.

mp3 version (right click on this, kids, and save it onto your iPods or music players!)


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Great job, kids!  (they also contributed to a song about anti-bullying which will be played later on the station. I will provide a link to that song when it's finished)

Thanks for having me in, Mrs. Lynch!